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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

(Currently on Hold during the Covid Pandemic)

Our IOP is a combination of psychotherapies and medication management provided Tuesday through Thursday, from 10am to 1 pm. Our objective is to stabilize you, keep you out of crisis, and keep you out of the hospital.  


The IOPstaff is trained, compassionate, and effective in caring for our patients. Unlike most other day treatment programs, a psychiatrist is present and available on a daily basis to evaluate a patient's progress in individual psychothrerapy, adjust medicines, and to supervise the Aspen Day Treatment staff.  Our psychiatrist will speak with the patient's personal physician to provide the best possible care and improve well-being.


Our goal at Aspen is to improve patients through effective and compassionate treatment within a comfortable, bright, and receptive environment. We know that most psychiatric treatment offered today is quick, superficial, and heavily focused on medication. At Aspen's Day Hospital, our focus is on deeper, more intense understanding of personal struggles. For people that do want to talk and get more attention, Aspen's Day Hospital will give you the care that you have been looking for.

Due to the Covid-19 national emergency, the IOP program is paused until it is safe to have group therapies again.

     Who is a good fit for the IOP?
  • Someone who has a primary mental health condition 

  • Someone who is motivated to feel and do better

  • Someone who wants to improve their condition

  • Someone who wants an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization 

What to Expect

Wear casual clothes for groups Tuesday through Thursday 10am through 1pm.  


There are three goups a day and are psycho-educational, psycho-dynamic, and supportive group therapy. In addition, private sessions with a psychiatrist and other prescribers are available.

What We Provide
  • Interdisciplinary team assessment and individualized care

  • Mental Health Management and Psycho-Educational Therapy

  • Psychodynamic and Expressive Psychotherapy

  • Therapeutic Psycho-Drama

  • Individual and Family Therapy as needed

Insurance Coverage

We accept all Medical Assistance policies and some Medicare policies. We do not accept Medicare HMOs or commercial insurance.

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